Best Home Remedies For Parvo In Puppies

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Best Home Remedies For Parvo In Puppies. If your dog’s symptoms continue to improve, then add a small amount of chicken to the broth and the mashed potato. Last but not the least, chamomile tea is probably the top home remedy for parvo in the puppies since it addresses diarrhea.

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Home remedies for parvo in puppies and dogs. Dr todd cooney is a homeopathic vet that switched from vaccines to nosodes in his practice. You can easily buy these medicines from stores.

If your dog is at least six weeks old, he should be given the parvo shot with subsequent boosters three weeks and six weeks after the initial vaccine.

And would i be able to give her a vaccine ? Or are you taking care of him at home? This can help replace the pup's lost electrolytes. You only need to rehydrate your dog, kill the bacterial and viral infections in him, and replenish the nutrients and electrolytes he lost.